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This Is Us ‘4×18 – Strangers: Part Two’ Promo

Next week is the season finale of This Is Us, and we are not ready, what do you think is gonna happen? will we get the answers to all of our questions? we sure do hope so!

The Pearsons gather to celebrate Baby Jack’s first birthday.


PS: captures and stills from this week’s episode will be added shortly to the gallery!

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Jane The Virgin: ‘5×08 – Chapter Eighty-Nine’ Screen captures & Stills

Last year Justin did a 40 seconds cameo on one of the episodes of the last season of The CW’s Jane The Virgin, this was on the episode 5×08, called Chapter Eighty-Nine, below you can find a clip from Justin’s scene, screen captures and stills!


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(WATCH) The Late Late Show with James Corden

Justin visited last night the Late Late Show with James Corden, to talk about the most recent This is Us episode, aired last night. Check in our gallery screen captures of his interview, also some excerpts in the players below:

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Justin and Chrishell starring Date Night for Columbia Sportswear

Justin and Chrishell recently headed to Alaska with Columbia Sportswear for their first-ever camping trip at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Pictures and video was shared today, and Justin also give a bit of an interview to InStyle about it.

When you’re up there, you’re totally off the grid. It was cool that I got to bring my wife and have at least one other person to talk to, because it could get a little lonely. Once you get up there, you realize how remote everything is, and you see things that you just never see in the city, especially with our lives. We’re so busy running around, and I’ve got a teenager and there are bills to pay. It’s just constant whirlwind. When you’re off the grid, you literally have no choice — your cell phone, there’s no reception. It’s pretty peaceful and just the sound of stillness and the sound of complete nothing. It recharges your batteries a little bit.

Surrounded by glaciers and sans wifi, Hartley embraced a digital-free existence — and alone time with his wife. “When I was presented with this opportunity, the first thing that crossed my mind was, ‘Wow, this is going to be great — I’ll be unreachable for five or six days,” he says. “Then you get out there and start to realize just how addicted you are to your device. The first four or five hours, you’re like, ‘This is fantastic.’ Then around the fifth or sixth hour, I found myself curious about who had emailed me, what I was missing, who I needed to talk to. By the time you reach day two, you kind of let it go and it really is freeing.” This feeling of disconnection made Hartley a little nostalgic for a bygone era. “It’s a reminder of what it used to be to like: People actually used to miss other people without a way to communicate, and think, ‘I miss them. I’ll write them a letter.’ Now, you can communicate with everyone at the drop of a hat. You can talk to anyone you want in the world at any given time.”

Whether venturing to a remote destination or one of their go-to spots like Maui, Hartley appreciates the closeness that travel brings to his relationship. “You’re sharing a bathroom, a hotel room, a flight, and you have the same itinerary, so you’re spending a lot of time together,” he says. “You really are living together for however many days that trip is, and you learn a lot about someone when they’re traveling. They don’t have all of their stuff handy and you find out if they’re a roll-with-the-punches kind of person or if they’re kind of an uptight, ‘I need to have every thing my way’ person. Both are fine, but I know what I like, and it’s the roll-with-the-punches kind of person.”

It seems like he’s found that with Chrishell, and the two roll with the punches when they get the chance to go on dates, too. “It could be a movie night where we go to the movies, or it could be renting movies and getting sushi delivered to the house. Sometimes we’ll go away for the weekend just to up the coast to Los Olivos and do a wine tasting. We do all kinds of different stuff; it just depends on our schedule, what we feel like, and how much energy we have.” Thinking about it, though, he realizes their quality time isn’t remotely limited to dates and vacations, they’re more of an all-in kind of pair. “We still do the gym together. We do a lot together — we’re probably pretty annoying in that regard,” he says. “We really do enjoy each other’s company. It’s annoying, I’m just gonna come out and say, it’s pretty annoying! We’re the annoying couple that does everything together.”

Watch the video below and head over our gallery for pictures.

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